If you found me, I believe that the Universe has a message for you.
— Laurie-Elle

If you have ever wished for guidance, I can help.

Hi. I'm Laurie-Elle. I'm a Divine Teacher, Certified Reiki Master Teacher, and Akashic Energy Healer. 

At any given time the Universe has messages for us...

I lead people to find greater peace by connecting them to the messages of their Higher Self.
— Laurie-Elle

The Universe offers us guidance, about ourselves, our hearts and our place in the world around us. In this congested and hectic world, most people are unable to connect with their Higher Self and Guides. The wisdom of these Guides go unheard, and we are denied their healing powers…

I can help.

I lead people to find greater peace by connecting them to the messages of their Higher Self via my Intuitive Guidance and Healing sessions and via my signature Reflective Resonance Akashic Healing. If you are feeling lost or unsure, confused or in need of guidance, then we have been brought together for a reason!


Intuitive Guidance and Healing Sessions are perfect for those who:

  • Have specific questions about areas of their life that they are wanting immediate clarity around.

  • Know that there is more to an issue or concern happening in their life, but aren't sure as to how the issue or concern can be resolved.

  • Are seeking relief from confusion, fear or anxiety about specific situations or concerns in their life.

  • Have never experienced a deep energy healing and want to ease into the process and understand how energy healing can help them. Or have already experienced a deep energy healing and want to follow up with their progress.

Reflective Resonance Akashic Healing Sessions are perfect for those who are:

  • In a major transitional period and need guidance, direction and energetic clearing.

  • Expanding their spiritual awareness and are ready to identify and free themselves from profound energetic attachments and wounds that are preventing them from experiencing true fulfillment and joy in their lives.

  • Are wanting a deep clearing of the root energetic or karmic causes for the circumstances, relationships and cycles that are happening in their life.

  • Are wanting to become a more peaceful, aware and inspired being!

Let me help you begin your journey to a more authentic and peaceful life today.

I found Laurie’s Reflective Resonance Reading to be insightful and nothing short of amazing. I was expecting the ‘same old’ style and what I received left me awestruck. She saw issues that are really deep inside that I never acknowledged. Her message was inspiring and challenging to me. I encourage everyone interested to request a reading.
— Yoli Redero

 What are Intuitive Guidance and Healing Sessions?

Intuitive Guidance and Healing Sessions with Laurie-Elle offer you information, direction and clarity around the immediate questions and concerns you have and are seeking answers to.

What Is Reflective Resonance?

Through Reflective Resonance Healing, you will be connected to your Higher Self, Spiritual Guides, and the energy of the Tarot. You’ll experience deep clarity, direction and peace of mind surrounding energetic attachments, wounds or karmic circumstances impacting your life, including Familial Lineage Energy that may need to be cleared. 

The messages I receive during your reading are not mine but YOURS. They are your voice, your Soul, and your Spirit. I simply tap into these voices and present them to you in a way that your Guides and Higher Self know will resonate with you.

Stories of Connection

Hear from others who have sought guidance, just as you are doing now. Watch their stories and see how Reflective Resonance has impacted their personal growth!