“It is only through love that we can shift the energy of a situation that we desperately want to change…”
— Laurie-Elle McSwiggin, M.B.A, M.Ed., RMT

About Laurie-Elle:

Laurie Elle is a 40 something year old mom to five children, author, Reiki Master Teacher and Spiritual Mama-Preneur. She started her career more than 21 years ago as an MBA graduate, working for one of the top oil companies in the world. She quickly learned that, although the business experience was invaluable, she was extremely unfulfilled. Something deep within her was simply not quenched by the corporate world. Her desire to give-back was ever present, and her natural sensitivity and compassion was simply not a fit for that world.

Laurie then found herself searching for fulfillment and purpose in the field of education. She derived so much pleasure from helping others learn and grow, and she educated herself in this field, as she worked her way up to become an administrator for a large urban school district. All the while, Laurie also tried her hand as an entrepreneur in the health and wellness arena. Laurie’s core desire to “help others” was ever present in each of her roles; however, a burning fire kept growing within her.

Then, the shift happened.

Through a series of life changing events, Laurie learned of her "connection". Her intuitive nature came forward full force, and she finally understood that the fire within her was the gift of site, and that her life purpose was to serve. She recently left her full time career as a public school teacher/administrator to pursue her passions of Intuitive Spiritual Coaching and Energy Healing. Laurie finds joy in helping others to find their way on the path of personal development and growth, helping them to discover true happiness, peace and harmony in their lives. 

Laurie finds joy in helping others to find their way on the path of personal development and growth, helping them to discover true happiness, peace and harmony in their lives.

In Laurie's Words: "How I came to be an Intuitive Spiritual Guide and Energy Healer":


Several years ago, my husband (my soulmate & my divine life partner) and I separated and quickly began the process of divorce. My heart felt broken. I wanted the separation; too much had gone “wrong” in a short period of time, and the relationship seemed hopeless. For several months I suffered greatly. I wanted to be angry and cold. I wanted to push the memory of him away. However, I learned that this was not the answer. I was told by a trusted Intuitive counselor that, in order for me to move on and forward with my life, I would need to send my husband unconditional love, forgiveness, and healing. So, in a desperate attempt to free myself from the pain and sorrow that I was experiencing, I found myself on my knees, surrendering to the Universe. It was at that moment when I began channeling energetic healing to my husband. Within 7 days of my first attempt at distance energy healing, not only had my husband “felt” something, but real changes were taking place.

“I came to understand my gift of healing as a result of experiencing an intense and pure moment of unconditional love...”

Against all odds, within a month's time, we reconciled. Reconciliation was never my intent, only sending unconditional love and healing, but clearly, the Universe had other plans for us!

Today, we remain happily married, deeply in love, and the proud parents of a beautiful baby girl. We continue tirelessly on our journey of becoming better partners, friends, parents and lovers.

Since that fateful time in my life, I’ve considerably deepened my own spiritual faith, practice, and knowledge. In addition to learning from my personal connection to Source, I also became a certified Reiki Master Teacher and a certified REAPTM (Remote Energetic Alignment Process) healing practitioner. I perform my own signature healing technique, Reflective Resonance, which is a combination of distance energy work, Tarot and Divine guidance.