"How can Reflective Resonance help me?"

The Universe has beautiful intentions for us...

Have you have ever felt trapped in your life circumstances, unsure of your purpose, and burdened by uncertainty? 

Do you feel like your patterns, fears, and lack of guidance keep you stuck - repeating the same cycles? 

Do you find yourself wondering how to move forward without first having to change everything and everyone around you?

If so, I am talking to you. You did not find me by mistake.

In fact, I believe that a Reflective Resonance Healing may be the perfect transformational tool for you. 

The truth is that you don't need to feel hopeless or trapped. The Universe has beautiful intentions for us that can be realized once we're connected to our True Selves, and I am here to help you awaken to this possibility and transform this knowing into your new reality. 

Let's align with your life purpose and ignite the divinely-intended path before you.

You will benefit from a Reflective Resonance Healing:

  • If you are feeling trapped in your life circumstances and want to FREE yourself from attachments to "false beliefs" that might be holding you back.
  • If you are suffering from emotional or physical trauma and want to experience a HEALTHIER and HAPPIER way of living.
  • If you are struggling with the relationships in your life and would like to move away from suffering and move toward experiencing more JOY.
  • If you would like to remove energetic blocks that are preventing you from accessing the ABUNDANCE all around you.
  • If you simply want direction and to connect with the part of you closest to the Divine, to hear the messages and information meant for you.
Quantum physics states that we, and everything around us, are made up of energy. Via my Reflective Resonance Healing Modality, I am able to tap into your energy....I am simply the conduit to direct that energetic shift.

Think about this process in terms of science. Quantum physics states that we, and everything around us, are made up of energy. Via my Reflective Resonance modality, I am able to tap into your energy. I am then shown a "reflection" of what is happening within the energy centers of your body. Your Highest Self provides the unconditional love and security needed to help shift your energy and I am simply the conduit to direct that energetic shift. 

Your energy tells a story; I am guided to hear that story and present it to you.

Reflective Resonance is a powerful healing modality that can help free you from that which is holding you back. Your energy tells a story; I am guided to hear that story and present it to you. 

During your Reflective Resonance session, on your behalf, I will connect you to your Higher Self, Spiritual Guides, and the energy of the Tarot. The messages I receive during your reading are not mine but YOURS. They are your voice, your Soul, and your Spirit. I simply tap into these voices and present them to you in a way that your Guides and Higher Self know will resonate with you. 

Via this energetic connection to your Higher Self, Guides, and the energetic messages from the Tarot, you will not only learn the divine messages that are waiting for you, but you will experience a clearing of any unhealthy energy that is blocking you from moving forward on your Soul’s journey.

In addition, your Higher Self may reveal if there are any karmic or traumatic events in your life that have left indelible energetic memories and or etheric cords behind. These cords are the result of unhealthy energetic attachments to memories, incidents, or to specific people. The events may have been a result of actual trauma, or they may be linked to karmic events, agreements, and debts that you have to those around you or the Universe itself. 

The Reflective Resonance Healing will be your energetic catalyst. The healing begins the shift of your energy from where you are presently, to a place where you can experience more peace, more joy and more abundance. Reflective Resonance Healing will help you transform the hopeful intentions you hold for yourself into your truth and your Higher Self will guide me to where and how you need to “let go!"

If you found me, I believe that the Universe has a message for you. I believe that you are being asked to consider the possibility that your life could look differently.

  • What if my life does not have to continue this way?
  • What if in releasing the energetic blocks and hearing my Highest Self I can access more peace, more joy and more abundance in my life? 

Ask yourself: 

  • Am I willing to see things differently? 
  • Am I ready to feel relief instead of struggle?
  • Am I ready to feel clear instead of confused? 

If you answer yes to these simple questions, then with gratitude and love, I am here for you, and I welcome you to give yourself the gift of love and seize the opportunity to experience of a Reflective Resonance Healing today.